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Sheriff-Coroner employees throughout California direct families to corrupt blood cleanup companies. That's why they charge so much, how they get away with it. With a government employee arranged cleaning company or list of companies, fraud awaits. That's why I offer this bloody mattress pickup service.

Redundancy helps this blood cleanup company web page reveal count employee fraud against tax payers. Less then one percent of county employees cheat the public. The reap profits from families victimized by homicide, suicide, and unattended death cleanup.

Floor Cleaning

Wet Dry Vacuums

Blood Cleanup Company List

This blood cleanup company list compliments my blood cleanup web sites. Redundancy in these efforts helps to spread the word about county level consumer fraud. Odd and wrong as it sounds, it's true. County employees in coroner and administration departments profit from their jobs. They do this by sending families to crime scene cleanup companies. These crime scene cleanup companies reward employees for these families' business.

County Government Fraud

Does your county coroner, county administer (public guardian), direct families to cleaning companies? They should not. In no way does any government office or government employee have a right, duty, or privilege to send families to private companies. It's not done. At least, it's not done legally. We should have a fire wall between our government and our private companies.

Only if a private company and government agency do business following an open bidding arrangement, may such referrals become legal and ethical. Otherwise, government employees have no business sending families to a blood cleanup company.

Floor Cleaning

A number of crime scene cleanup companies do not use mops. There's a good reason for this. Mop heads must hold blood and other potentially infectious materials (OPIM). Once used there's a cleaning and disinfecting problem. How does one know when a once bloodied mop head no longer contains blood or OPIM? A laboratory test would show one way or the other. We don't have this luxury in crime scene cleanup.

So some companies prefer to avoid mops and go with paper towels, cotton towels, or microfiber towels, or all of these. It's a matter of circumstances, too.

Some institutions use mop-and-bucket cleaning tools. Costs, large cleaning sinks, and on-going cleaning allow for reasonable use of mops. Here's a film from a morgue. Look along the wall for green mob buckets. There's two.

At times a vacuum will do.

Wet Dry Vacuums

Wet dry vacuums offer dual work on single crime scene cleanup jobs. Used with a filter, a wet-dry vacuum serves for vacuuming dry materials like flies and their larva. Broken glass comes up easily enough, too. In a few minutes, annoying crime scene debris becomes solid waste.

Ran wet, which means without a filter, a wet-dry vacuum sucks up blood and OPIM. Some companies place two or three inches of bleach in the vacuum bucket to help destroy bacteria. Viruses have a short life span and may not make it to a vacuum's bucket. Surviving bacteria in contact with bleach perish.

Once used, a vacuum bucket allows easy disposal of waste in a sanitary sewer, toilet. Metal buckets clean easily and have solid surfaces. These clean easily. Plastic bucks work find, but do not have the stainless steel properties so nice for easy cleanup. Disinfecting must take place over time. The vacuum's lid should remain off until plenty of air has pass through the plastic bucket.


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